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Tonbridge – Minibus Hire with Driver 

You require a minibus hire in Tonbridge. You have done extensive research on the vehicle, and have assured yourself that you have secured a good vehicle that fits your group size, at a very competitive price. But have you considered the service on offer, especially the driver who would accompany the minibus hire? 
The role of the driver is underestimated by most people who opt for minibus hire. The driver is the person who comes ion direct contact with the passengers, and regardless of what is promised, it is up to the driver to implement it.  
You could always complain and take action against a bad, uncooperative, rude, or incompetent driver, but your moment would be lost, and the opportunity for which you availed your minibus hire in Tonbridge would be irrevocably lost. For instance, if the driver assigned to you is a complete novice, who doesn’t know the routes, and takes you to the concert late, it is your group who misses the show and the experience. No amount of penalties can bring back the moment. 
We offer the best minibus hire with driver in Tonbridge. When you avail our services, you are assured of a thoroughly professional and resourceful driver, who is well trained in customer care, and does everything to please you, without compromising on your safety, or the efficiency of the trip. 
For instance, when we want a driver for our double decker 72 seater coach, we only consider drivers who have considerable experience in having operated heavy vehicles.  
We do not limit our selection process to driving competencies and experience also. We subject our driver applicants to extensive psychological and other testing, to ensure they are in the right frame of mind, they react well under pressure, and do not panic in crunch situations.We also conduct extensive background checks, and reference checks, to ensure integrity. 
Our drivers are sober professionals, whom you can rely on to drive safety, and take you back safety. They always strive to drive fast, but do not violate traffic laws, and do not take any risks. They know exactly how to balance customer demands with their professional commitments.  
Most of our drivers are locals, and others have spend considerable time in the region. The result is thorough familiarity with local routes, allowing them to take the best routes, to reach the destination, free of road blocks, or other hold ups. They work in conjunction with our customer support team, to make good special requests and services you have availed of, and to coordinate the schedule of your trip. We are very flexible in our offerings, and our drivers mare very accommodating to your needs. 
Our drivers are also highly productive, and this counts in a big way towards our low overheads, which allows us to keep costs low. We offer the lowest prices in the region, for our Tonbridge minibus hire service. 
Our minibus hire with driver is the preferred choice for day trips, sightseeing excursions, private functions such as wedding and birthday transfers, to visit racecourses, for corporate transfers, for stag do or hen do nites, other nites out trips, attending concerts, and a host of other purposes. 
To reserve your minibus, fill in the simple online booking form, or get in touch with customer support team. We operate round the clock. Our range of pickup extend everywhere in TN postcode area, and from here, we take you just about everywhere. With our Tonbridge minibus hire services, you are assured of a comprehensive experience you cannot get elsewhere.